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BlackBerry App Development

BlackBerry is popular platform for real-time access to corporate email and company address book, instant messaging, and calendars. This powerful platform tends to be underutilized when it comes to enterprise apps and mobile application development. BlackBerrys can be very beneficial to your company by making corporate information and enterprise apps available to your BlackBerry users.

BlackBerry phones deployed in an enterprise are managed through BlackBerry Enterprise Server (BES), which resides within the company firewall. The phones connect to enterprise email systems like Exchange and Lotus through the BES. The BES acts as a secure gateway through which phone client apps can access intranet applications.

BlackBerry client apps can either be Java apps or web apps accessed through BlackBerry browser. The Java apps can be written either using Java ME conforming to MIDP specifications or natively using BlackBerry APIs. The web apps are built using HTML / CSS / JavaScript apps and can also be packaged into widgets.

Developers have a choice of multiple Mobile Application Development environments to develop BlackBerry applications including BlackBerry Java Development Environment and BlackBerry plug-in for Eclipse. BlackBerry allows you to create powerful mobile enterprise apps, including the following:

  • Application for the sales team to collect information from the field and update directly to the server
  • Workflow applications
  • Surveys
  • Applications for customer support engineers on the go
  • CRM for staff on the go

Innolance’s featured BlackBerry app development include some of the following:

  • An app used for efficiently inspecting school vehicles. The application reduces the time taken to complete each school bus inspection transaction enabling them to work faster. This app was developed for the BlackBerry playbook.
  • An application developed to verify online banking transactions using biometrics. A combination of traditional Encryption/ PIN entry and Biometric/Biographic information along with Location based authentication set a highly secure environment. This application is a complete Identity Management suite for the Blackberry phone in which user authentication is checked at multi-levels based on the risk of the transaction.

If you are looking to develop a BlackBerry application, our team of experts is here to help meet your mobile application development requirements. BlackBerry enterprise applications allow for greater productivity and efficiency gains for both you and your staff. Innolance offers you our BlackBerry app development services at an affordable rate that will in turn greatly benefit you and your company.