The Latest Smartwatch Trends

  That might sound like a scene from the future or a science-fiction movie. But thanks to smartwatches, it’s no longer just fantasy. These tiny, wearable devices connect to your cell phone wirelessly. Then they let you do everything from making calls and browsing to taking pictures. Apple, Sony, and Samsung are just some of[…]

How long will your backup drive last?

Hard disk lifespan is a common concern. After all, these drives often hold a wealth of data you don’t want to lose. How can you know how long yours will last? There are a couple of different kinds of backup drives. Most computer hard drives and larger external backup drives are hard disk drives. They[…]

The New Android 4.3 Jelly Bean

Last year, Android released Jelly Bean, the latest version of their operating system, which included a buttery-smooth interface, downloadable Google Maps for off-grid navigating, and many other sweet features. This year they’ve rolled out an update, Jelly Bean 4.3. Their slogan is “Now Sweeter Than Ever!” which seems to be apt. Here are some of[…]

Responsive Web Design Benefits

If you’re thinking about a website overhaul, you’ve probably heard about Responsive Web Design — but you might not have heard what’s so great about it. Responsive Web Design is a type of design for multi-platform use, which uses media queries to identify what size of screen it’s being viewed on and shuffles around screen elements for a[…]

Why You Should Outsource Your Web Development

Web development is not something a company does everyday, and because of that, outsourcing the task might be the best idea. The world is moving far too fast to expect in-house developers — who, if you have them, most likely spend their time making custom applications for in-house use — to turn their hands to web development when[…]

The Advantages of Ruby On Rails Development

Ruby on Rails, also known simply as “Rails,” is a development framework for apps and websites. It is not the same as the programming language “Ruby”, but instead offers a streamlined, modular code-base with a wide variety of plug-ins for any application. Though relatively new, there are a number of advantages to Rails development. Faster[…]