Innolance Offers Salesforce Customization

Technology solutions provider, Innolance, announces Salesforce configuration and customization services for businesses. Salesforce is the number one customer relationship management (CRM) software in the world, and with good reason. In recent years it has expanded its offerings to include an impressive array of integrations with other services, as well as its own cloud platform and[…]

Agile Methodology

In the past development has followed a waterfall model, a chain of events, with minimal client involvement, which typically ends in dissatisfaction and confusion.  The old model has been replaced by agile methodology, a system that allows developers and clients to interact and collaborate throughout the development process.  Agile, allows developers to divide the project[…]

Microsoft SharePoint

    Social media over the past decade has become a crucial feature of our lives, expanding our horizon through collaboration and inspiration.  Such presence was needed in the business world to allow teams to work on the go to increase efficacy and communication.  In 2001 Microsoft SharePoint became the first enterprise social media, allowing[…]

Differences Become Similarities

  Twitter and Facebook, two of the most popular social media accounts on the planet are making adjustments to resemble each other.  Rather then allowing each social media to excel in its specified field, the competition is increasing between the two accounts.   Two months ago Facebook added hashtags to its vast social functions, copying[…]

iOS 7

  There has been an increase in speculation surrounding iOS 7 since it made its début earlier this summer.  With all new logo designs and schemes, translucent drop down menus, and application navigation, there will be a huge transition for users and developers alike.  iOS 7 provides the ability to produce more efficient, beautiful apps[…]

Custom Scheduling

Ever since Buffer was created in 2010, users all over the globe have asked one thing of their social media account, custom scheduling.  Custom scheduling allows users to set a time and date as to when they will post a comment on facebook or send a tweet.   The demand for having such a function[…]

OLED TVs Reach North America

What is more futuristic than a curved TV screen?  Today Best Buys across the nation began carrying the newest and most innovative TV in history.  LG and Samsung have both developed their own version of the all-new OLED TVs both in a 55’’, priced at a staggering $14,999.       Both LG and Samsung[…]


Rumors of Apple releasing a new smart watch to their line of products might change from a rumor to a reality faster then we had thought.  It is said that on June 3, Apple will be applying for an “iWatch” trademark in Japan at the patent office.   The concept of a smart watch has[…]

The Tablet Industry

  Over the past few years’ tablets have been developed, released to the market, and since then tablets have become one of the premier items among the top grossing products.  Tablets serve a great middle purpose, between notebooks and cellphones; they are as fast as a laptop with all the functionality of a phone, with[…]

Rivals Unite

  The IT industry took another big leap towards the future yesterday as two previous competitors, Oracle Corp. and, agreed to a nine year partnership with hopes in generating a more proficient cloud computing system.   This type of partnership will be a new experience for the two companies as Oracle will use it’s[…]