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Archive for the ‘Tools/Resources’ Category

May 23

Facebook Switches Default Privacy Setting to “Friends”

-+*  Last Thursday, Facebook made a historic decision to change the default sharing setting for new members, overturning a former 5-year decision.   Now, Facebook users will find their posts automatically changed from “public” to…

Oct 21

User Experience

-+*User experience is what determines the success of any mobile application.  Having a friendly user face is crucial for an app with features that are making their debut. Sometimes apps are overlooked even though they…

Sep 18

Protect Your WordPress Site from Attacks

-+*A website is a valuable asset in this day and age, and anything that’s valuable will have people who want to take it, exploit it, or destroy it. There are many ways to attempt to…

Sep 18

The New Android 4.3 Jelly Bean

-+*Last year, Android released Jelly Bean, the latest version of their operating system, which included a buttery-smooth interface, downloadable Google Maps for off-grid navigating, and many other sweet features. This year they’ve rolled out an…

Aug 08

Differences Become Similarities

-+*  Twitter and Facebook, two of the most popular social media accounts on the planet are making adjustments to resemble each other.  Rather then allowing each social media to excel in its specified field, the…