Business Intelligence Reporting

In addition to managing profiles, we analyse and provide a variety of actionable business intelligence reporting for your marketing and customer support departments. Some of the key business intelligence analysis we perform are:

Opinion mining analysis drills down to comments made by individuals and classifies them into different categories. Analysts, customers and prospects have different opinions on the product, service, management and other key aspect of a business. The analysis also identifies opinion leaders in various networks and their contributions.

Sentiment analysis shows customer’s sentimental inclination towards the product – positive, negative or neutral. The same customer may have different sentiments at different times. This analysis detects customer acceptance level of the product’s various features like usability, pricing, customer support, etc.

Other than company-managed profiles, there are many common portals on the internet where discussions on brands take place. Monitoring them gives the management a better perspective into the business‘ performance in the market.

When businesses implement new strategies, there will be ripples among its customers. Trending reports will give a picture of customer’s response over a period of time. The underlying analyses of trending reports capture dynamic information and provide insight into change in opinions and sentiments, caused by intemal and extemal factors.

The actionable information generated during analysis and research is presented as reports. These reports are prepared manually and customized according to your business interests and industry expectations. These detailed reports will help you make well informed business decisions.