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User experience is what determines the success of any mobile application.  Having a friendly user face is crucial for an app with features that are making their debut. Sometimes apps are overlooked even though they have cutting edge technology, simply because they are difficult to navigate.  So how can you develop an application that attracts users and brings them back consistently?


Make users feel welcome:

One method that some organizations have leaned towards is a tutorial upon initial opening of a particular application.  Having a tutorial allows users to learn about all the extended features and functions an application has to offer.  By providing an interactive tutorial that teaches you as you begin to use new features, users gain confidence and respect for an application.  Strengthening a users experience is essential, and leads to a committed audience.


Another strategy to explore would be to keep the app simple in design.  Clutter leads to confusion, confusion is unsuccessful, avoid having numerous moving parts.  Showcase features that users will find most beneficial.  Put your feet in the users shoes and realize that not every user is going to explore your application inside and out to fully grasp the features you are offering.


New experience:

As applications begin to roll over to iOS 7, with the new navigation and color scheme, developers need to keep in mind that the system is new for users and will take time for everyone to get use to.  Hands down, one of the biggest additions being added to applications is the new navigation.  Being able to move from screen to screen with a swipe of a finger increases efficiency no doubt, but taking away a “back button” could obviously lead to mass confusion.


Clean and clear:

Quality code, with minimal bugs and defects is obviously mandatory, but having clear fluid graphics that don’t interfere with, rather enhance the user experience, are a plus.  Having a beta version of your application released to a controlled environment for testing is key.  Quality assurance cleans bugs and allows for congested components of your app to be cleared.


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