OS X Mavericks and iOS 7 Take Flight

    Yesterday was a great day for Apple  and consumers alike, with the introduction of numerous new products and software.  The conference began with a presentation by Anki, an artificially intelligent “toy car” with a brain of its own.  The Anki cars are capable of driving a course on their own with only a[…]

Samsung Vs. Apple

    The never-ending battle between the two largest phone companies never seems to take a break.  The two companies have along history dating back to last summer when Apple began their lawsuit against Samsung for infringing on their patents.  Apple pleaded that Samsung had copied their home screen, application organization, which had been patent[…]

Google: “Nexus Experience”

  Android has come out with two phones in 2013 – the Samsung Galaxy S4 and the HTC One – and both will be completely powered by Google.  Google has developed a version of Android that “will run an Android phone the way Google had intended.”   Google’s new stock version of Android has been[…]

FreedomPop: Free Mobile Service

  Sick of paying outrageous smartphone bills every month?  Well that might come to an end soon thanks to FreedomPop’s new mobile service. FreedomPop just announced plans for the first-ever completely free mobile service.   FreedomPop is working on a mobile service plan where consumers buy a smartphone at fixed costs and the service comes[…]

Microsoft Office 365 Features

Microsoft is one of the best known names in technology. It has created some of the most used tools out there such as SharePoint and Microsoft Office suite, which contains PowerPoint, word, excel and more. A new product for small businesses has arrived from Microsoft and it’s called Microsoft 365.   Microsoft is keeping up[…]

What is Enterprise Mobility?

Technology is becoming a huge impact on society. The impact is so huge that almost everything can be accessed via the internet. There are many ways to use the internet, but the trend is heading towards a mobile era.   Mobile devices allow the convenience of the internet, at any time, no matter where you[…]