User Experience

User experience is what determines the success of any mobile application.  Having a friendly user face is crucial for an app with features that are making their debut. Sometimes apps are overlooked even though they have cutting edge technology, simply because they are difficult to navigate.  So how can you develop an application that attracts[…]

The New Android 4.3 Jelly Bean

Last year, Android released Jelly Bean, the latest version of their operating system, which included a buttery-smooth interface, downloadable Google Maps for off-grid navigating, and many other sweet features. This year they’ve rolled out an update, Jelly Bean 4.3. Their slogan is “Now Sweeter Than Ever!” which seems to be apt. Here are some of[…]

Differences Become Similarities

  Twitter and Facebook, two of the most popular social media accounts on the planet are making adjustments to resemble each other.  Rather then allowing each social media to excel in its specified field, the competition is increasing between the two accounts.   Two months ago Facebook added hashtags to its vast social functions, copying[…]

Responsive Web Design Benefits

If you’re thinking about a website overhaul, you’ve probably heard about Responsive Web Design — but you might not have heard what’s so great about it. Responsive Web Design is a type of design for multi-platform use, which uses media queries to identify what size of screen it’s being viewed on and shuffles around screen elements for a[…]

Why You Should Outsource Your Web Development

Web development is not something a company does everyday, and because of that, outsourcing the task might be the best idea. The world is moving far too fast to expect in-house developers — who, if you have them, most likely spend their time making custom applications for in-house use — to turn their hands to web development when[…]

The Tablet Industry

  Over the past few years’ tablets have been developed, released to the market, and since then tablets have become one of the premier items among the top grossing products.  Tablets serve a great middle purpose, between notebooks and cellphones; they are as fast as a laptop with all the functionality of a phone, with[…]

Rivals Unite

  The IT industry took another big leap towards the future yesterday as two previous competitors, Oracle Corp. and, agreed to a nine year partnership with hopes in generating a more proficient cloud computing system.   This type of partnership will be a new experience for the two companies as Oracle will use it’s[…]

iOS 7 Beta Released

  All new app designs, bright and innovative colors, interactive homepages, efficient and productive functions that make day to day tasks easier.  The new operating system for the iPhone, iOS 7, is the biggest change to an operating system ever, announced Apple CEO, Tim Cook, at the World Wide Developers Conference.   Some of the[…]