Scrum Is A Better Way Of Working

The agile methodology is not a new concept, but one that was implemented in 2001 in response to the overriding project management standard: Waterfall. The agile methodology emphasizes communication and collaboration, fully functioning software, and the flexibility to adapt to emerging business realities; it made great strides in the name of software development, but there’s[…]

Polygamous Siri and overly-honest Google Now: Why voice assistants aren’t so human and what that means for consumer AI

The idea that machines can be designed with intelligence and reason is nothing new. Since the 1950s, scientists have been developing the field of artificial intelligence, each with different goals in mind. In 1950, British mathematician Alan Turing created the Turing test, which has become the standard for measuring the effectiveness of artificial intelligence programs.[…]

Verizon Expands it’s Horizon

Verizon Communication Inc. is beginning its quest to enter the Canadian mobile telephone business, by buying out a small Canadian company such as Wind, Mobilibity, and Public Mobile.  These existing companies were established with the idea to drive down Canadian mobile rates.  They were successful in doing such; the only issue was they had a[…]

4K OLED TV are Amazing

Everybody who is anybody always wants the next big thing. Televisions are one of items that people are constantly upgrading.  They started at black and white with a few channels and now are HD color TVs with hundreds of channels. OLED is the next big ticket item. It is the future for TV.   Panasonic[…]

Destiny by Bungie and Defiance by Trion

The New D&D is no longer Dungeons and Dragons. Now it will refer to two very exciting new games called Destiny and Defiance. Both these games are set in the future, but they couldn’t be more far apart from each other.   Destiny, from Bungie the creators of Halo, have come up with a futuristic themed game[…]