Conquering Challenges in Washington DC, One Android App At a Time

First, there was Apple, and the iPhone.


Today, there’s Apple and the iPhone.


And Google, and the Android operating system.


You’ve seen the television commercials, haven’t you — the one with the adorably cute friends of different species frolicking through the grass; the one that encourages you and I to ‘be together, not the same’?


It’s this concept on which Google built its smartphone revolution. The Android operating system was developed specifically to run on a wide range of devices from mobile phones to tablets, and that’s precisely where it finds its success: By not making assumptions, and without relying too hardily on the underlying hardware.


But that’s not to say this multi-tasking operation system is without its limitations.


The Android operating system is one that allows for background processing — much like that of a desktop system, but different in that there are hard limits on maximum available memory due to the specifications of the mobile device.


‘Be together. Not the same’


Let’s go back to that commercial. It’s this concept; that on which Google built its revolutionary smartphone product that makes application development for Android smartphones especially challenging. When there are many, and varied hardware options, each new software application must be tested on an ever-growing number of devices.


And that’s exactly what we do. As the Washington, DC area expert in mobile application software development, Innolance has been at the forefront of Android app development since its initial release: Conquering the challenges, and producing stellar applications, one little green robot at a time.


Innolance is Washington, DC’s Android Development expert, offering:


  • -Syncing of local data with remote database
  • -Web service integration
  • -OAuth authorization
  • -Interfacing with the phone through the SDK (camera, contacts, SMS, MMS, calls, GPS, accelerometer, magnetometer, etc.)
  • -Video
  • -Integration with Google products such as Maps, Docs, Gmail, etc.
  • -Services and background processing
  • -Applications requiring push notifications


Interested in a sampling of our work developing Android applications?


For end users in the Washington, DC metropolitan area, Innolance developed…


An application that incorporates Augmented Reality to provide a look and feel of the exterior of the car models to the users. The app features a virtual driving experience with speed control; color customization; and three-dimensional views of the car.


An application that allows users to share their shopping experience with friends and family, and earn loyalty reward points. The application uses the Android smartphone’s GPS to detect the user’s location within the Washington DC metropolitan area, allowing them to check-in at local businesses registered to participate.


An e-Sign off application for medical professionals to review documents. Included features give the user the ability to reject or approve the document based on its content.


An application that allows users to search for, and find homes and apartments; coupons; events; and shopping centers.