Dell and Della

It seems like Dell has come up with a very innovative strategy to market their netbooks and laptops. They recently introduced a range of products aimed at enticing ladies who prefer “style” even for laptops.

Check out the Della website. If you are a lady who likes Dell products and loves fashion, then this is the site for you.

The new range of products comes in many pretty colors that are quite attractive.

A host of accessories like laptop cases, laptop sleeves and handbags to fit laptops also accompany the netbooks and laptops.

This move by Dell has generated a lot of comments especially from women, some of which are quite critical. However, if one looks from a non tech savvy, casual user’s point of view, the products are very appealing. I find it so hard to imagine how such a move could have offended so many women.

There are a lot of women out there who are not technologically inclined and would love to own a stylish product such as this. And Dell says that the rate of purchase has been higher than what they expected.

Having said that, however, Dell has been paying close attention to all the comments and feedback and they are making quick changes to the Della website. They have made the tech tips section more technical and plan to incorporate more business-oriented products and information.

So ladies, loosen your purse strings and get ready to shop for style!

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