Destiny by Bungie and Defiance by Trion

The New D&D is no longer Dungeons and Dragons. Now it will refer to two very exciting new games called Destiny and Defiance. Both these games are set in the future, but they couldn’t be more far apart from each other.


Destiny, from Bungie the creators of Halo, have come up with a futuristic themed game and the technology to go along with it. Bungie has the entire company working on Destiny.  The scene is set after the Golden Age of the Earth. The Golden Age was sparked by the Traveler, a mystic moon type object that floats very closely above the earth. The Traveler sacrificed its life to save the earth from complete destruction by alien forces. The Golden Age refers to the period of time when everyone was thriving. It ended abruptly and the Earth went to hell. A city was formed under the Traveler by the survivors. Those who survived owe their lives to the Traveler. You play as a Guardian, the protector of the last safe city on Earth. You wield incredible super human powers, same as some by the Traveler, to reclaim what you once had.


Destiny is the next evolution of gaming. It will revolutionize games from here on out, and here is why.  You are able to create your own character and create your own legend. You are able to customize your weapons, vehicles, and gear to defeat enemies.  This FPS (first person shooter) is designed to be highly competitive and will be even better when you play cooperatively with friends. Destiny incorporates community and social interactions to keep you going with the game and your friends. The best part about Destiny is that it’s alive. They built the game on premise to do something where they can’t control everything that happens. This adds a NEW excitement to the game which no other game has done before. They hope and think that this new idea for gaming will last them for the next decade bringing constant anticipation to every minute of game play.


Defiance is another futuristic game brought to you by Trion. The Defiance world is the new frontier of gaming. You explore Earth in search for new, strange and useful alien technology. You are able to hunt alone or hunt with others and as you hunt your player improves. When your player improves, so do your weapons. As you progress through Defiance it will allow you to get upgrades on all your gear, improving you performance throughout the game. Your player will evolve as either an alien or human depending on your preferences. This game offers endless amount of game play in the Transformed Earth called Defiance. This evolving online world is set in the San Francisco area and is a 3rd person shooter. Play solo or with thousands of online players, the choice is yours.


Defiance is a constantly updating game. It is based on the TV series. When you play Defiance it gives you a chance to change show. Anticipate the endless exploration, massive battles and a multitude of dynamic missions. You play as an Ark Hunter, a frontier explorer and survival specialist looking for lost and valuable alien relics in return for financial rewards. You are able to play solo or cooperatively throughout the game. Where to find these priceless relics? Arkfall is when random debris occasionally falls from the sky and you must wield off others to claim it. They can be human or alien, but whoever is the last standing gets the goods. ArkTech is what the Ark Hunter looks for and either work alone or are commissioned to do the job. The ultimate goal is to profit enough to retire in a comfortable life in Antarctica. You receive a variety of weapons and gadgets to help you in your quests. A nanotechnology is embedded in you giving you super human abilities that will also help you when you venture into “Wild Wild West.” Change the game changes the show. It is an exciting combination never seen before and looks to be very fun, challenging and suspenseful.  Make sure you watch out for Hell Bugs!


Destiny and Definace will both be available for Xbox, computers, and PS3. Destiny will be available for PS4. Sony users will finally get a taste of what Bungie has to offer. Destiny does not have a release date as of now, but defiance will be available on April 2nd 2013. Be sure and grab it, as it will be the next talked about game until Destiny arrives.

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