Differences Become Similarities


Twitter and Facebook, two of the most popular social media accounts on the planet are making adjustments to resemble each other.  Rather then allowing each social media to excel in its specified field, the competition is increasing between the two accounts.


Two months ago Facebook added hashtags to its vast social functions, copying the already existing function they Twitter has had available for the past six years.   Facebook has become increasingly cluttered as advertisements continue to get more access to your personal search history.


On the other hand, Twitter has just updated its iOS and Android platforms and added new photo galleries.  The galleries are supposed to allow users to add photos to an already existing gallery of photos with a similar premise.  Adding photos to an existing sunset gallery will allow for great expansion in user networking.


By the numbers Facebook has just hit the 1.15billion user milestone, while Twitter still has to break three quarters of a billion.  In user usage the story is completely different, 58% of users login to their Twitter account daily, while 41% login to their Facebook account each day.  Now the biggest difference is how many posts there is each day for each site.  Twitter receives on average, 58 billion tweets each day where Facebook only receives 10 billion posts each day.   As the two accounts become increasingly similar it is going to be harder and harder to make any distinctions between them.