When Failure Is Not An Option: Outsource Your Startup Development To Innolance

We’re in the business of startups. We love them. We’re inspired by them. I mean, after all, wasn’t every great company at one time… a startup? (That was a rhetorical question— Of course, the answer is yes. Look at that most famous startup of all; you know the story: Apple was founded in a garage, and here we are, decades later. Every other person has an Apple in their back pocket, in their gym bag, on their desk at work…


Wait, where was I? Oh right. At work. Startups.


Yes, yes. Startups. We love them. We’re inspired by them.


But sometimes? Sometimes startups fail. In fact, most of them do.


Yours doesn’t have to.


Your startup doesn’t have to fail; do you know why?

Because Innolance is in the business of startups.

With nearly 20 years of experience working with, and developing Web and mobile applications for startups in Washington DC and elsewhere, we’ve seen a few things, and discovered the mistakes small business owners make, and why their startups fail.

Startups fail because they go to press too early.

A startup small business owner has a revolutionary idea for a new mobile application, and he can’t wait to tell the world all about it; because he can’t wait to tell the world about it, he goes out looking for press, when what he really needed to do was wait.


You’ve heard the saying, “Any press is good press.” While this is sometimes true, if your mobile application development is only halfway through, and the quality assurance process hasn’t even begun, potential investors might view that small business owner as ‘hasty’ or worse, ‘unprepared’.

Startups fail because business owners try to go it alone.

Starting a small business is stressful… business, and no one person is going to be equipped for every task. A wise woman once told me, “Do what you do well. And then surround yourself with people who fill in the gaps.” Don’t try to go it alone. Startup small business owners should partner with a co-founder to shoulder the in-house workload, and outsource the rest.

Outsource your mobile application development to Innolance.

Innolance has the experience — our team of highly trained application development professionals has produced more than 100 success mobile applications for platforms including the iPhone, Android phones and tablets, Blackberry, and Windows mobile. Innolance has the knowhow — our knowledge and expertise in the functional and technical aspects of superior mobile application development is backed up by our ability to adopt new generation technology with iterative development methodology.

Innolance has the passion — we’re in the business of startups.

We’ll get down to the business of creating a custom mobile application to suit your needs, and you’ll get down to the business of your startup small business.