What are the Hottest Tech Predictions for 2014?

The world of technology is forever growing more complex. As we set out on a brand new year, we found ourselves wondering what predictions were being made about tech in 2014. Here’s what we came up with.

Wearable Tech

Fitbit. Galaxy Gear. Google Glass. These pieces of science fiction are slowly making their way into mainstream culture. The public seemed a bit skeptical at first, but these novelties are gradually catching on. In 2014, more of us will be taking calls on our wrists and following directions laid out before our eyes.

Self-Driving Cars

There’s no doubt about it. Self-driving cars are coming. From being able to read during your daily commute to greater safety, these futuristic marvels offer plenty of attractive benefits. Of course, they can’t take off faster than society is willing to accept them. The transition might be slow, but we expect to see it start soon.

The Cloud

It seems like new cloud-based solutions are popping up all the time. It doesn’t look like that trend will slow down in 2014. Bit by bit, businesses are taking advantage of storage and application options in the cloud. This shift away from local leaves companies with a choice. Will they use an on-premise or off-premise cloud?

Privacy Issues

Edward Snowden’s leaks about the National Security Agency sent “privacy” to the top of the buzzword list. In light of the NSA’s surveillance programs, we got a lot more concerned with our online privacy all of a sudden. Internet users everywhere are taking steps to secure their digital lives. Several cases have even been filed against the U.S. government. We wouldn’t be surprised if 2014 saw a rise in new, more “private” platforms.


Pizza delivered by drone? Packages dropped off by unmanned flying robots? These and other potential drone uses are in the works. The Federal Aviation Administration has even joined the conversation. They have announced several drone test sites throughout the country. There are still plenty of concerns and logistics to iron out. Once they’ve been taken care of, though, the drone industry could be huge.

Powerful Technological Partners

We don’t need to point out that computers are getting ever more powerful. Some people speculate they will eventually replace humans. What if they worked alongside us instead of in our place? For instance, we now have technology that can process huge amounts of data in a fraction of a second. We predict decision makers will use this kind of technology to help inform their choices more and more.

It’s an exciting time in terms of tech. We at Innolance are looking forward to seeing what 2014 brings!