How Google Glass will work

In today’s world technology is everything! People want more sophisticated equipment quicker than it is being produced. When technology is produced it is combated with other devices like it. iPhone and Android are two huge competitors in the smartphone world. One company will make something then the other will do something better. Google has now introduced us to the world of Glass. Glass is a heads up display. It is a combination for different technologies. It lets you capture the moments around you for you to remember forever.


Heads up display means right in front of you without using your hands to hold anything. It’s a way to “interact with world without disconnecting from it,” says CNET editors. Google has incorporated a microphone, speaker and a visual display for music, video, pictures. Glass looks like regular glasses but have technology built into them. The Glass project is a pair of clear glasses with a tiny projection that appears in front of you. When you want to take a picture, you can ! When you want to record a video or simply read a text Glass will allow you to do so with the greatest convenience. This makes it so you do not have to go in your pocket to read messages.

Android has a similar product in ski goggles Theres is a heads up display as well, but in the corner of the goggle and not directly in the line of sight of the person. It shows the speed , the time and the altitude and other similar applications. Android has targeted the snowboard and ski community for now, but Google’s Glass will be for everyone. It looks like something off Star Trek or the movie Wall-E. Watch out world, soon Terminators will be coming back in time!


Glass is not said to come debut till around 2014, but they are testing it now. Google is working with glasses manufacturers for already prescribed glasses wearers. You will be able to do everything you can on Google+ and more. There is some speculation of the danger of having a screen in front of you. For instance when you walk down a flight of stairs or crossing the road, Google Glass could be very distracting. Glass will be awhile before it is put into production, but when they release Glass, it will have a big impact.

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  • Google Glass will be released next year, but you can get a prototype by entering an application to say what you would do with Google Glass and then paying 1,500 dollars for it.

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