iOS 7 Beta Released


All new app designs, bright and innovative colors, interactive homepages, efficient and productive functions that make day to day tasks easier.  The new operating system for the iPhone, iOS 7, is the biggest change to an operating system ever, announced Apple CEO, Tim Cook, at the World Wide Developers Conference.


Some of the new functions that the beta has for users to use consist of the new toolbar that easily slides up from the bottom of any screen, voice memos, and many more.   The new toolbar allows users to easily adjust volume, brightness, turn on wifi, Bluetooth, and do not disturb mood.  One additional function that the new toolbar has is a preset set of functions such as, a flashlight, clock, calculator, and camera.  The new toolbar is extremely efficient as I use it consistently throughout my day.


The all-new app design for the generic apps that come with your operating system have been completely redesigned with a new array of colors that brightens up anyone’s day.   Along with new apps that use every bit of the pixels the screen has to offer, the Apple developers blew our minds with their latest addition.  The new interactive homepage, which seems as if it’s moving as your hand shifts from position to position, is unreal.   You will not fully understand the concept until you have it in your own hand.


The last biggest addition to the new operating system is the new safari make up.  Apple was suffering as Google Chrome had become the most popular choice for web surfing, so they decided to reconstruct safari so that is was without a doubt the most popular.  The new safari has functions such as, tabs that are much easier to navigate; a reading list so that you can save articles with the push of a button, with plans to return to the later.  The Apple developers made the new web browser user friendly and much more efficient then their last model.