iOS 7


There has been an increase in speculation surrounding iOS 7 since it made its début earlier this summer.  With all new logo designs and schemes, translucent drop down menus, and application navigation, there will be a huge transition for users and developers alike.  iOS 7 provides the ability to produce more efficient, beautiful apps that will increase user stability, while opening the door to new and innovative features.


iOS 7’s newest update, beta 5, was released to developers today.  The new version of the beta has virtually every previous bug fixed, from application compatibility to increased battery life, the new iOS 7 is begin to look more and more ready for the general public.  As Apple gets closer and closer to releasing the full version of the operating system, developers have been working vigorously to develop apps that will portray all the beauty and functionality the new operating system has to offer.


Clear, a new revolutionary app that hit the App Store late this July is one of the first to use the new operating system to its newfound potential. What makes this app so revolutionary is its navigation.  Users navigate the app by swiping, pinching, and holing their fingers on the screen.  Apple itself originally portrayed this new method of navigation, as they added features similar to those used in Clear to their apps that come with the operating system such as Messages and Email.



As a developer you have to choose whether you are going to redesign your entire application to fit the new operating system, or are you going to devise a hybrid that combines both original iOS features with the modern ones.   Being able to glide through web browsing pages, move from bank account to bank account, eliminating the need to individually press a function.  The new interactive navigation allows for quick and easy transitions, while keeping functions separated.


Clearly the release of iOS 7 has opened the door to new and innovative ideas and features that you should keep your eye out for this Fall when iOS 7 when it will be fully developed and ready for installation.