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iOS (iPhone & iPad) App Development

Looking for an expert to help you develop an iPhone or iPad application? With over 50 iOS apps successfully completed, we are confident our team can help you develop the iOS app you are looking for.

Innolance’s experience in iPhone development ranges from features such as GPS, camera, address book, photo library, accelerometer and magnetometer as well as push-messaging, web-services integration, data syncing, remote-wipe, "multi-threading" and OpenGL.

iOS is derived from the Mac OS X operating system, which has been enhanced for mobile devices. The iPhone and Mac share OS X kernel, Objective C programming language, and BSD sockets used for networking. The iOS SDK is implemented in order to develop third-party apps, consisting of Xcode development environment, an iPhone simulator, instruments for performance optimization, as well as a user interface builder. Once your app is developed and approved by Apple, it will be made available for download in the app store.

Innolance’s featured iOS apps:

  • An iOS application that incorporates various animations and illustrations by using fun-filled characters to invoke the interest of learning Math for young children. Designed as an app that gives importance to creativity mixed with knowledge, the app is filled with designs of innovative ideas and learning methodologies.
  • An iPad app with stunning high definition videos and images showing the wonders of the ocean and educating users about the importance of preserving the ocean and its habitat.
  • A voice dictation mobile application which provides physicians the ability to record and upload dictations, monitor the progress of, and approve transcription jobs on the speech to text conversion platform. They will be able to view their scheduled dictations and dictate against those appointments or start a "free-form" dictation without an appointment.
  • An iPhone app that is the first mobile application to support the web based Trucker Log online. The application is a business management software and web-based SAS for the trucking and transportation industry. The app simplifies trucking business management, accounting and operations.
  • An app that provides a gallery of trench coats provided by a popular brand. The application was developed to showcase photographs of trench coats taken or shared by users. The app provides a customized grid view solution for the application using eCommerce.

If you are considering developing an iPhone or iPad application, Innolance’s team of application development experts are here to help. Our development team works with you throughout the entire process starting at conception, through architecture and design, to having it approved and listed in the app store. Innolance not only develops high-quality applications, but takes into account non-functional aspects such as usability, security, and performance.