Rumors of Apple releasing a new smart watch to their line of products might change from a rumor to a reality faster then we had thought.  It is said that on June 3, Apple will be applying for an “iWatch” trademark in Japan at the patent office.


The concept of a smart watch has been around for a while, as the Pebble smart watch reached over $15 million in sales this may.  Now the rumors of a smart watch being produced by Apple are put to sleep, as the company gave audiences a glance of the supposed “iWatch” in their most recent advertisement.


Conspiracies have broken out that Apple is molding public opinion towards their products with their most recent advertisements, and sneaking a quick look at the new connected smart watch may be their way to compete with the Google Glass.


The new smart watch shows the innovative abilities of Apple as a company as they continue to expand their horizon by entering new uncharted markets.

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