The Latest Apple iWatch News and Rumors

Email and text messages on your watch? Twitter next to the time? Devices known as “smartwatches” are making science fiction into reality. These include the Pebble, the Sony SmartWatch 2, and the Samsung Galaxy Gear.


But one big-name player is missing from the field. Rumors of an Apple smartwatch, possibly called the iWatch, have been circulating for months. We can’t say for sure what’s true and what isn’t, but here are some of the guesses people are making.


Rumor: The Very Existence of the iWatch


Truth be told, there’s no real proof that Apple is even working on an iWatch. A few high-level Apple employees have made little slips that fuel iWatch gossip. Apple also trademarked the term “iWatch” in several countries. Neither of those things confirm an actual product is in the works, though.


Rumor: iWatch Apps and Features


People have suggested the iWatch could include anything from weather prediction to fingerprint scan technology to Siri, Apple’s voice assistant. For that last one to be true, the iWatch would have to run a version of iOS.



One thing’s more certain than the rest. The iWatch will most likely use Bluetooth. Without it, the device couldn’t communicate smoothly and efficiently with your iPhone or iPod. Since other smartwatches have this feature, it’s likely the iWatch will, too.


Rumor: The iWatch Release Date


People have made all kinds of guesses about when the iWatch will debut. Many thought Apple would unveil the device at its iPhone launch in September. When that didn’t happen, fans waited expectantly for Apple’s iPad event in October. Since neither scenario occurred, the timeline now looks more like 2014. Or 2015. Or, as we suggested above, Apple isn’t actually working on an iWatch at all.


Rumor: The iWatch Price


So little is known about the iWatch (including whether it exists). That means there’s really no way to gauge what it will cost. Most people aren’t even hazarding a guess. As a point of reference, though, most of the smartwatch’s potential competitors are priced in the $99 to $299 range.


Fact: The Competition Is Stiff


We know one thing for sure. There are already a lot of smartwatches on the market. It seems like all the big companies are working on their own versions of this new device. Even Google may have something in the works. So whenever Apple decides to enter the playing field, they’ll be in good company. Lucky for them, there are plenty of hardcore Apple fans out there who would gladly buy an iWatch over anything else.



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