The Latest Smartwatch Trends


That might sound like a scene from the future or a science-fiction movie. But thanks to smartwatches, it’s no longer just fantasy. These tiny, wearable devices connect to your cell phone wirelessly. Then they let you do everything from making calls and browsing to taking pictures.

Apple, Sony, and Samsung are just some of the companies joining the race to create the next big thing. The lists of rumored, confirmed, and available continue to grow.

What’s the big deal? Whether a smartwatch works in tandem to a smartphone or as an extension of it, these little devices hold a lot of promise. Here are a few of the features that make them so attractive.


Smartwatch technology is relatively new, but there are already plenty of apps you can download to them. Your smartwatch can keep you in the social media loop, letting you know when you have Facebook messages and Tweets. It can inform you of emails, text messages, and incoming calls. It can give you calendar and weather alerts. Some apps even let you control the music you’re listening to or track your bike ride or run. And the possibilities are only just starting to be explored.


Smart watches allow for a high level of customization. You can install the apps you want, of course. But most allow for more surface tweaks as well. You can change the band, for instance. The watch face provides another opportunity to make your smart watch your own. And you can decide how to receive your notifications. You can set the device to vibrate, make a sound, or show an indicator.


Why keep checking your phone when you can get the information you want right on your wrist? Cell phones are getting bigger and bigger. So a tiny device that keeps you up to date is appealing. Smartwatches replace something many people already wear with a better, more versatile alternative.


At present, there are smartwatches on the market ranging from $99 to $299. Sony’s SmartWatch is already on the market and ready for a sequel, the SmartWatch 2, to be released. Samsung’s Galaxy Gear was unveiled in September. And rumors of an Apple iWatch abound. And that’s on top of available devices like the Pebble Smartwatch, the Martian Smartwatch, and i’m Watch. As more people pick up the smartwatch trend, even more options are likely to emerge.


Smartwatches are still fairly new. That means there are still quirks to work out. For instance, not every smartwatch works with every phone or operating system. You may have to choose your smartwatch (or your next phone) based on compatibility.


But you have to admit, the possibilities are intriguing. Technology moves quickly, and the limits of smartwatch technology are already being pushed. Who knows what new apps and uses for these little devices will emerge next?


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