Innolance Offers Cutting Edge Quality Assurance Service for Mobile Apps

July 23, 2013

2013 will be the first year that mobile data consumption is set to outstrip all other forms of consumption, including desktop computer and television. According to analysts at Strategy Analytics, mobile data traffic will grow another 300% by 2017, and research by Google and Nielsen suggests users prefer mobile applications to mobile sites.

For most companies, this adds a new layer of complexity to the mission of serving customers. The mobile market is a substantial opportunity but mobile devices come in a vast range of screen dimensions and system specs. This presents considerable challenges to any company hoping to break into the mobile market.

Innolance, a premiere Washington, DC-based IT solutions provider, provides Quality Assurance services for both mobile and web applications for companies in a wide variety of verticals. Companies planning to develop an app can partner with Innolance to protect their brand image by ensuring that their application will serve the customers’ needs and provide a positive experience with the company. Additionally, Innolance assures almost zero-defect delivery due to their optimized QA processes and proven methodologies.

Companies large and small have taken advantage of the Innolance Quality Assurance framework and infrastructure, including vigorous end-to-end testing while keeping business objectives in sight.

Jess Elder, Product Manager for the National Geographic Society, says of their work with Innolance, “National Geographic is known for high standards and quality products. Our apps are enjoyed by millions of people around the world every day, and we need to make sure they meet our standards of excellence. Innolance has provided stellar QA services for most of our best selling apps, including National Parks by National Geographic, City Guides by National Geographic, National Geographic World Atlas, and Weird but True. Their attention to detail, professionalism, and ability to push our software to its limits before release is a vital component in our apps.”

Using a Quality Assurance firm with a proven track record ensures considerable savings on time, cost, and operational expenses, as well as provide regulatory compliance. Improve team scalability and flexibility by choosing a firm that specializes in the field so your company can continue to focus on its strengths, not on app development.