Technology Solutions Provider Innolance Highlights How Apple iOS 7 Created Massive Market Opportunity for Existing Apps Providers

October 17, 2013

Innolance, Inc., a leading Washington, D.C.-based technology solutions provider, has seen a surge in demand from companies wanting to hire their application development team. But these companies aren’t coming to the table with a project brief. They’re coming with an existing app to be modified for iOS 7.

iOS 7 has been hailed as a game-changer by the likes of Wired Magazine, InfoWorld and The Verge. Apple CEO Tim Cook calls it, “The biggest change to iOS since the introduction of the iPhone,” and the native apps included with the new update show the extent to which Apple app developers must up the ante.

Gesture control, new notifications interface, the importance of beautiful and smooth transitions; all these clever improvements can represent a complete overhaul of an existing application.

And that’s before developers start thinking about how to use some of the new functionality. There will be a creative charge within the app development world to realize the most innovative and compelling uses for new features, like the iPhone 5s New M7 motion co-processor. It uses a low-energy motion processing core to determine bearing, speed, and distance for better tracking capabilities. Apps can harness movement sensitive actions, such as auto-updating when the phone is picked up, shaking the device to undo changes, turning off updates when the device is flipped over, and more.

Innolance knows that speed-to-market is important in order to take advantage of the media buzz and of Apple featuring the top iOS 7 applications. A company bringing a sophisticated iOS 7 app to market will not only benefit from the extra attention but solidify their market advantage against their competitors.

Innolance has built over 50 iOS apps, and is able to execute quickly and efficiently. Patrick Truby, Senior Graphic Designer with the National Geographic Museum, says, “We were up against an extremely tight deadline to develop the NG Oceans app, involving many players, and it came through with flying colors. Innolance is an iOS developer who offers useful suggestions with design insight, is efficient, up front, honest, and extremely professional. My experience was absolutely positive.”

The market opportunity for the new iOS is huge, and the advantage will be to the early adopters.