OLED TVs Reach North America

What is more futuristic than a curved TV screen?  Today Best Buys across the nation began carrying the newest and most innovative TV in history.  LG and Samsung have both developed their own version of the all-new OLED TVs both in a 55’’, priced at a staggering $14,999.




Both LG and Samsung have developed their own OLED TVs, but you will only be able to purchase an LG at this time.  Talks of Samsung bring their version to stores later this week.  LG will have serious boosting rights, as they are truly the first North American provider.




At an incredible 4.3 mm thin and weighing in at 38 pounds, 55AE9800 is truly one of a kind. It uses LG’s proprietary WRGB technology with an unconventional subpixel structure LG claims improves longevity while not compromising the image. It’s also the first OLED TV to achieve THX Display certification.






What makes OLED (Organic Light-Emitting Diode) TVs so amazing? These TVs are capable of reproducing super saturated colors, super distinct black whites and grays, all with virtually no motion blur.  OLED TV’s are projected to be a common necessity within the next 5 years.




Best Buy along with LG and Samsung are not concerned about the market for the new ultra vibrant TV’s as the consumer base is constantly looking for the best picture money can buy, and now only the elites will have the most prominent picture around.