Client: CityFancy

The project is aimed at building an integrated solution for managing the relationship and business between restaurants (or any other industry) and their customers. This is a social app and developed on three platforms – web, iPhone and Android. There is a merchant app which is used by restaurant and a user app which is used by customers.

Main Features includes:

Restaurants and customers have to register to the system to make use of the features. The restaurants are permitted to create and publish offers/deals through their account in the app to those customers registered in the app. The customers/users registered to the app may avail the offers/deals put to them or even search for open deals. They may also rate and review their experience at the restaurant.

Services Provided:

  • Python/Django
  • MySQL
  • Foundation
  • JavaScript, jQuery, AJAX, JSON

Innolance has been a philanthropic partner with Fairfax County Public Schools and our Collect for Kids school supply drive for several years.  Primarily Innolance supports our website but in reality they do a lot more.  From the ground up they built site, they’ve added truly dynamic mapping features, and have been our “fix it” team when problems arise.  They are extremely responsive each spring and fall when major updates are needed and ready to fix issues within hours not days or weeks.  If Innolance supports Fairfax County Public Schools with A+ service as philanthropists, I can only imagine how responsive, innovative and engaging they are for other clients.

Thank you to the Innolance team for their support of Fairfax County Public Schools.

At Rosetta Stone, we strive to provide the best user and support experience to our learner base. Our partnership with Innolance has been instrumental in achieving this goal. We’ve recently launched user friendly, easy to navigate portals for our Education & Enterprise clientele with positive results and our success is a testament to their sheer hard work and creativeness. They are an invaluable partner to Rosetta Stone

Jay Garant

Administrator, Business and Community

Ahsan Arshad

Project Manager