Compost Cab

Client: Compost Cab

Compost Cab exists to do two things:
1) Make it easy for people to compost, and make it easier for urban agriculture to thrive.
2) Our pursuit of this mission guides everything we do, and places us squarely at the intersection of the local food movement and the global food waste reduction movement. We measure our success based not only on our own growth, but on the growth of community composting across the country and around the world.

Main Features includes:

- Clean & Convenient Weekly Collection
- Divert hundreds of pounds of food scraps from landfills each year
- Soil creation at local urban farms and gardens
- Member workshops and workday programs
- School programs help teach kids about sustainable living and the environment

Services Provided:

  • Wordpress
  • MySQL
  • PHP
  • Ruby on Rails
  • JavaScript, jQuery, AJAX

Innolance has been a philanthropic partner with Fairfax County Public Schools and our Collect for Kids school supply drive for several years.  Primarily Innolance supports our website but in reality they do a lot more.  From the ground up they built site, they’ve added truly dynamic mapping features, and have been our “fix it” team when problems arise.  They are extremely responsive each spring and fall when major updates are needed and ready to fix issues within hours not days or weeks.  If Innolance supports Fairfax County Public Schools with A+ service as philanthropists, I can only imagine how responsive, innovative and engaging they are for other clients.

Thank you to the Innolance team for their support of Fairfax County Public Schools.

Innolance is an iOS developer who offers useful suggestions with design insight; is efficient, up front, honest, and extremely professional. We were up against an extremely tight deadline to develop the NG Oceans app involving many players and it came through with flying colors. My experience was absolutely positive.

Jay Garant

Administrator, Business and Community

Patrick Truby

Senior Graphic Designer