Conference App

The Conference app provides an easy way to access various conferences and register for it.The schedules of various sessions of added conferences can be viewed and user can check-in sessions.All conference details, like Sponsors, Speakers, other Attendee details can be viewed and messages will be received for added conferences.

Services Provided:

  • iOS Development
  • Android Development
  • Windows Phone Development
  • User Interface Design Quality Assurance

Innolance is an iOS developer who offers useful suggestions with design insight; is efficient, up front, honest, and extremely professional. We were up against an extremely tight deadline to develop the NG Oceans app involving many players and it came through with flying colors. My experience was absolutely positive.

Innolance is central to our efforts, helping measure the Voice of the Customer across a multitude of communications channels and distill it into something the business can act on, quickly and meaningfully. Across the board, Innolance has helped us leverage customer feedback to improve our business decisions–on policy, pricing, messaging, and even product features. They are an invaluable partner to Rosetta Stone–and by extension, to our customers.

Patrick Truby

Senior Graphic Designer

Nilofer Saidi

Sr. Director