Dew Drops

Client: Mobatia Technology Pvt. Ltd

Dewdrops is a Mobile Application launched by Mobatia Technology Pvt. Ltd. that enables users to create beautiful self-made greeting cards and email them to recipients or post it on Facebook. It provides users with a easy-to-use interface allowing them to use stock graphics and text.

Services Provided:

  • Functional Testing
  • Usability Testing
  • Performance Testing

At Rosetta Stone, we strive to provide the best user and support experience to our learner base. Our partnership with Innolance has been instrumental in achieving this goal. We’ve recently launched user friendly, easy to navigate portals for our Education & Enterprise clientele with positive results and our success is a testament to their sheer hard work and creativeness. They are an invaluable partner to Rosetta Stone

Innolance is central to our efforts, helping measure the Voice of the Customer across a multitude of communications channels and distill it into something the business can act on, quickly and meaningfully. Across the board, Innolance has helped us leverage customer feedback to improve our business decisions–on policy, pricing, messaging, and even product features. They are an invaluable partner to Rosetta Stone–and by extension, to our customers.

Ahsan Arshad

Project Manager

Nilofer Saidi

Sr. Director