Client: Jobpool

Since 2014, Jobpool has been trying to empower businesses to more effectively manage their workforce and quickly find and fill employment gaps by connecting qualified candidates with open positions.

Main Features includes:

- Jobpool allows businesses to “share” part-time employees with other businesses while maintaining their current schedule helping businesses to reduce costs associated with full-time employment while also retaining valuable talent.
- Jobpool find the best candidates for you, and automatically alert you of potential job matches. Candidates on Jobpool are already qualified because as they are already employed by similar companies in the area!
- With JobPool, you can easily manage hiring and sharing employees across your distributed storefronts. Scheduling tool make sure that your employee’s schedule won’t have overlap between locations or companies.
- You will have the ability to track the schedules of its employees. Managers can also create and send out announcements to share with all employees to keep everyone in the loop.

Services Provided:

  • Angular 2 with Webpack
  • Python/Django
  • PostgreSQL DB
  • Strip payment gateway

Innolance has been a philanthropic partner with Fairfax County Public Schools and our Collect for Kids school supply drive for several years.  Primarily Innolance supports our website but in reality they do a lot more.  From the ground up they built site, they’ve added truly dynamic mapping features, and have been our “fix it” team when problems arise.  They are extremely responsive each spring and fall when major updates are needed and ready to fix issues within hours not days or weeks.  If Innolance supports Fairfax County Public Schools with A+ service as philanthropists, I can only imagine how responsive, innovative and engaging they are for other clients.

Thank you to the Innolance team for their support of Fairfax County Public Schools.

Innolance helped us put together an app with more than 90 pieces of species-related information in a relatively short time period. They were efficient, open to changes, and, above all, very responsive

Jay Garant

Administrator, Business and Community

Elena Guarinello

Exhibition Development Manager