National Geographic Birds: Field Guide to North America

Client: National Geographic

The product will focus on the National Geographic tradition of high-quality birding content to aid in identification in the field with an emphasis on UI/UX design, and ease of implementing content or functionality updates. Presentation will include navigation through 995 species that include content such as maps, audio for songs and calls, similar looking and sounding species, and text for a brief overview for the species, as well as appearance, behavior. Navigation through other content is through a list on the left side, including such features as: My Journal, allowing users to track their sightings by species, events, and locations, and can include such data as: event name, location (using GPS coordinates when connected), species sighted, time, date, weather (when connected or user can add manually), notes and photos; Lists, including both pre-populated lists provided by National Geographic and user lists; Quizzes, 10 quizzes of 10 multiple choice questions using text, image, and audio; Tool Kit, which includes both articles and videos; News, which provides a real-time news feed of news articles; Information about the app and National Geographic.

Services Provided:

  • Audio testing
  • Quality Assurance
  • QoR(Quality of Relevency)
  • QoD(Quality of Data)

At Rosetta Stone, we strive to provide the best user and support experience to our learner base. Our partnership with Innolance has been instrumental in achieving this goal. We’ve recently launched user friendly, easy to navigate portals for our Education & Enterprise clientele with positive results and our success is a testament to their sheer hard work and creativeness. They are an invaluable partner to Rosetta Stone

Innolance helped us put together an app with more than 90 pieces of species-related information in a relatively short time period. They were efficient, open to changes, and, above all, very responsive

Ahsan Arshad

Project Manager

Elena Guarinello

Exhibition Development Manager