Client: IPA

IPA’s latest web application, the Opportunity Assessment Toolkit (OAT), is a web application built for large-scale energy companies that analyzes and eliminates overly-optimistic capital project estimates that skew opportunity comparisons. The goal of OAT is to prevent wasting capital on opportunities with questionable business cases and high uncertainty.

Main Features includes:

OAT is able to quickly and easily assess the viability and marginality of upstream opportunities during bidding, exploration, or early development. The application helps companies understand an opportunity’s true development costs, thereby ensuring only the highest ROI opportunities receive valuable capital funding. In less than 15 minutes, decision makers can have a full set of key decision metrics, including charts, to compare individual opportunities in a portfolio.

By entering in a few basic project characteristics, the OAT application outputs benchmark metrics for cost and schedule and other key capital project decision metrics that influence early investment decisions.

Early benchmark metrics include:

  • Facilities, wells, export, and overall asset $/BOE for onshore and offshore facilities
  • Schedule duration for the Select (FEL 2) and Define (FEL 3) asset development phases, project execution, and overall cycle time
  • Recovery per well benchmarks

Services Provided:

  • .NET/VB/ASP developement
  • Telerik Graphs
  • User Interface Design
  • Quality Assurance

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Jess Elder

Product Manager

Patrick Truby

Senior Graphic Designer