Truckers Helper App

Client: Truckers Helper

The Truckers Helper Mobile is a mobile application solution that offers all the tools necessary to manage a trucking business. The THO Mobile is an Universal app designed to be compatible on both the iPhone and iPad. The goal of the project is to provide a mobile version of the online software so that the Truck Drivers can carry the application while on duty/driving.The main feature of the application is the Log Master. The Log Master allows a driver to Log the current status of the work. The Logs are displayed as a graph allowing the input of various states and the duration for which the state was maintained. The drivers are also allowed to Undo or Clear their logs for the current day. The application also allows the user to view the logs for the past week. All the logs entered for a day can be signed off by the user and then the logs are synced with the server.The application also includes adding trips,miles,expenses and also sync for trips and miles and expenses for trip.The validation of the user is done using a Login which enables the driver to know his current status, the number of hours available to drive, violations made etc.

Services Provided:

  • iOS Development
  • User Interface Design

Innolance is central to our efforts, helping measure the Voice of the Customer across a multitude of communications channels and distill it into something the business can act on, quickly and meaningfully. Across the board, Innolance has helped us leverage customer feedback to improve our business decisions–on policy, pricing, messaging, and even product features. They are an invaluable partner to Rosetta Stone–and by extension, to our customers.

Innolance is an iOS developer who offers useful suggestions with design insight; is efficient, up front, honest, and extremely professional. We were up against an extremely tight deadline to develop the NG Oceans app involving many players and it came through with flying colors. My experience was absolutely positive.

Nilofer Saidi

Sr. Director

Patrick Truby

Senior Graphic Designer