Product Bootstrap

Innolance’s developers will scope out your project with you to turn your vision into a reality on time and within budget.

We build wireframes for clients to show investors prior to a full build out and feature the agile consulting method for the subsequent build. By offering our product bootstrap services Innolance increases transparency, allows for change, improves quality and UI/UX, and reduces the overall risk of software development. There are several key components to our process:

Understanding the Project

We work closely with our clients to determine the requirements and scope of the project through meetings, interviews and surveys. This allows us to work out all of the key functions of the application and wireframe the project before the build.

Our product bootstrap services are invaluable to start-ups that may not have a full understanding of the software development life-cycle. There are many small but highly important details that go into making a simple application idea into a full-fledged successful product, and Innolance is there to guide clients through each step.

Creating a Business Plan

Once the key functions are determined they are prioritized and we get to work on business planning. We show our clients what similar businesses have done successfully and make recommendations based on our extensive industry experience and similar case studies. We work with our clients to devise a sustainable business or revenue model and monetize their application. Innolance’s team has experience in almost every type of application business model from freemium to ad-supported and enterprise licensing models.

Building the Product

After the key elements and features for the application have been developed, Innolance goes through an extensive mapping process to determine when and how to best integrate each item into the application. This helps our clients to understand what will be absolutely necessary for a product launch and what can be added over time. Mapping allows us to get your project started without large amounts of overheard costs and feature creep. We start with the MVP (minimum viable product) – a set of core features that are absolutely necessary to launch with – then we lay out the plan for introducing other features with each iteration.

Pricing and Scheduling

There are many aspects that go into determining a project’s delivery timetable and pricing including project requirements, scope, the road map, and the client’s own time constraints. Innolance determines how much time and effort will be required to do a project correctly and allocates resources and prices accordingly. This provides a clear picture for clients of what they can expect during the process and how their project will be accomplished.

By providing our extensive product bootstrapping services, Innolance helps clients to truly walk through and refine their ideas in great detail in order to turn them into lucrative, solid products.