Product Quality Assurance

Secure and Protect Your Brand Image with Product Quality Assurance.

Quality assurance is essential to the success of any project, and we conduct QA independently using a plethora of methodologies to ensure you get the highest quality product throughout each stage of the software development lifecycle.

What is Quality Assurance?

New QA ImageQuality assurance is a planned, systematic set of actions that ensure your software processes and products conform to all requirements, standards, and procedures necessary. Innolance’s quality assurance practices insure both functional and structural quality. Functional quality includes aspects like API testing, documentation review, system testing and more. Structural quality includes installation, compatibility, usability and security.

QA is an essential aspect of software development. Innolance provides an agile QA process that anticipates that user requirements will evolve. This ensures your team can implement changes quickly with minimal disruption to the product and customers. Innolance prides themselves on their extensive independent quality assurance services utilizing uses a mix of Agile/Scrum and waterfall methodologies. We ensure your software works properly for UI/UX, security, performance testing, and scalability purposes before you release it so that your brand never suffers.

Why Choose Innolance?

Innolance has an independent, specialized QA testing department staffed with experienced professionals who employ proven processes and work together with the development team during a software release to ensure the highest quality product.

With fully transparent processes, adherence to international standards, flexible delivery models based on our clients’ individual needs, and affordable rates, Innolance is the clear choice for both software development and Quality Assurance.

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