Quality Assurance


Quality Assurance (QA) is a necessary part of the software development process, and should be undertaken to ensure that your software works exactly the way your customer wants it. The QA process not only verifies that the software meets functional specifications, but also that it falls in line with all non-functional requirements (e.g., security, performance testing, and scalability testing.)

Innolance provides independent Quality Assurance services to validate all aspects of your mobile and Web software applications. Our experienced test team works closely with your consumer development team and supports them during software releases.

Ensure Quality Assurance before any software release; let Innolance help.

Note: Innolance adopts Agile / SCRUM methodology for software development projects. For QA projects, Innolance uses a mix of Agile/Scrum and waterfall methodologies.

The testing process consists of:

  • The Estimation stage of the Quality Assurance process includes any activity that drives the planning of all test activities in terms of effort, scope, and budget.
  • Requirements Management involves gathering and managing user, business, technical, and functional requirements within a product development project.
  • Next comes the QA Test Planning phase, which will address all major aspects of the test stage that may affect the success of testing process.
  • The Innolance team will then lay out for each client our QA Test Methodology in order to verify the assumptions around how to approach, plan, and perform the Quality Assurance test.
  • As part of the Design & Preparation stage of the QA process, we will create all test-related artifacts required for successful test execution (e.g., test scripts, test scenarios, testing software and hardware to support test execution, et cetera).
  • Test Data Management is the process undertaken for test data requisition, acquisition, population, and conditioning required for test execution.
  • To consider Environment & Tools relates to the entire set of artifacts used to support the overall test effort.
  • During the Execution & Reporting stage, Innolance and its team of experienced Quality Assurance professionals will test artifacts created during test design and preparation; execute or run the tests as defined; and report test execution progress.
  • Project Management will occur, as our host of skilled resources come together to deliver all the work required to complete a project within defined scope, time, and cost constraints.
  • Test Automation relates to the use of software to control the execution of tests, the comparison of actual outcomes to predicted outcomes, the setting up of test preconditions, and other test control and test reporting functions.
  • Throughout the Quality Assurance process, there will take place Defect Management & Prevention; this involves organizing, managing, and preventing problems discovered in a work product or deliverable during a later stage of a project.
  • Performance Testing will identify and fix system performance issues before the system goes live. Performance testing included load testing, stress testing, stability testing, throughput testing, and ongoing performance monitoring.
  • Configuration Management enables the controlled and repeatable management of information technology components as they evolve in all stages of development and maintenance.
  • Test Metrics will be maintained for the measurement of attributes that allow comparison or prediction of a test-related process or product.
  • And above all: Traceability. Reports will be continuously generated based on coverage, pass percentage, and fail percentage.

Why Choose Innolance?

Innolance has an independent, specialized QA testing department staffed with experienced professionals who employ proven processes and work together with the development team during a software release to ensure the highest quality product.

With fully transparent processes, adherence to international standards, flexible delivery models based on our clients’ individual needs, and affordable rates, Innolance is the clear choice for both software development and Quality Assurance.

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