Responsive Design


What is Responsive Web Design? Responsive Web Design is the future of the mobile Web; the Responsive Web Design architecture allows Web developers — like Innolance — and as such, their customers to mirror website content viewed on a desktop to browser to any type of mobile device.

More and more often, tablets, iPhones, and Android devices are being used to access the Internet, and better than any mobile-only website, responsive design makes mobile Web browsing convenient and simple.


When responsive web design is fashioned and implemented, Innolance customer websites move freely about the world via mobile device; design and architectural elements embedded  within the website recognize when a user has reached the site via mobile device, and automatically convert, or optimize the content for a platform-friendly viewing experience. These conversions all but eliminate the hassle of having to expand and contract screens in order to see all of the information.

Faster Viewing

Mobile technology was designed to offer the public mass amounts of information on the go, and fast. Responsive web design does all this — limiting the appearance of videos, animations, and images, and presenting the simplest, most relevant content without all the fancy desktop functions.

Think of a responsive website kind of like an app, but for the Web.

Why choose Responsive Web Design?

Ditch the mobile website in favor of a responsive Web design, and enjoy:

  • One platform for each mobile device, no matter the platform
  • Simplified viewing on small screens
  • Large menu bar on desktop that compacts into a simple drop down on mobile devices
  • Automatic adjustments to each size display
  • Variations in the amount of content displayed dependent upon the size of the screen (i.e., Web viewers on smaller screens will see less than those on larger screens.)

Innolance is standing by, ready to take your corner of the Web, and make it responsive. Contact us today to learn more.