The Tablet Industry


Over the past few years’ tablets have been developed, released to the market, and since then tablets have become one of the premier items among the top grossing products.  Tablets serve a great middle purpose, between notebooks and cellphones; they are as fast as a laptop with all the functionality of a phone, with the right data plan.




The tablet market is as vast as the smartphone market, as every big producer has developed their own tablet, including non-smartphone producers such as Kindle and Dell.  The reason tablets are getting so much attention right now because of their hybrid layout, which is easy for phone developers and computer producers to mimic.




Since Apple introduced the world to the app store, there have been over 27 billion app downloads from the store.  The increased number of smartphones on the market is a strong cause for the surge of downloads, but it is becoming clear that tablets will propel downloads even further.






Tablets are obviously more useful for large-scale projects such as presentations, documents, etc., then a phone due to the enlarged screen.  The demand for such applications is never ending as more and more individuals continue to convert some of their work onto their tablet.  Applications are being specifically designed for tablets that will allow users to put their entire screen and operating system to use.


The demand for tablets is only going to increase is users begin to make the transition towards a more efficient work style.