Four Washington DC-based Startups Taking Social Enterprise to the Next Level

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Washington, DC is a veritable hotbed for startups using technology to improve and enhance businesses of all shapes and sizes, many of which who have made profit a goal secondary to their mission of improving the lives of others.


It is with this type of startup that we enjoy working the most. As the region’s most experienced Web and mobile application developer, Innolance takes great pride in not just helping startup small business owners succeed, but in bettering and beautifying the world around us.


Here, we’ve profiled four of the best and brightest social-enterprise startups enriching the personal, professional, and charitable communities in Washington DC today.




GoodWorld empowers nonprofits to raise money on social media. This Washington, DC-based startup makes giving as simple as writing a Facebook comment or a tweet. Simply include #donate to maximize charitable support for your favorite causes, and maybe earn a few ‘likes’ in the process.




Re-Nuble’s vision is to create closed loop agriculture systems throughout America and the world in which food waste does not exist, chemical additives have no place in our food, and farmers and growers feed their local communities, not landfills. By catering to hydroponic growing, the minds at work behind Re-Nuble support a solution for greatly increasing our food production without overtaxing land, natural resources, or destroying wildlife habitat.


Control A+ 


Ethical Electric


Ethical Electric is an energy company that does good. Its mission is to switch as many American homes and businesses to clean, renewable energy as possible. This startup headquartered in our nation’s capital supplies only 100 percent clean, pollution-free energy, and boasts no ties to fossil fuel or nuclear energy production. Ethical Electric makes a bigger impact for our customers by supporting the development of new, renewable energy farms located as close as possible to their customer base.

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