Web Development


Innolance designs and develops products for the Web; it’s what we do, and it’s what we’re best at. Simple, static web page or complex content management system: Innolance prides itself on an expansive portfolio of scalable, high-performance solutions customized to suit each client’s requirements.

Our web development services include:

Web-based Applications

Internet or Web-based applications have become increasingly popular over the years, and have all but eliminated the use of desktop applications. Why? Because Web-based applications offer cross-platform compatibility, easier deployment, and lower maintenance.

Innolance’s expert team of programmers will work with you to determine the functional, technical, and even those non-functional requirements of your specific project, all the while with the goal in mind of enhancing your business growth.

e-Commerce Sites

It just makes shopping so much more convenient. Today’s business-to-consumer retailer will enjoy the benefits of an online presence with a Web store that allows customers to browse through products and purchase items without making the physical journey to the store. Innolance’s team of skilled professionals will help you set up your e-commerce website, for increased sales at reduced operational costs.

Content Management Systems (CMS)

Innolance strongly believes that, once a website is created and launched, its owner should be able to manage the content independently — write blog articles; publish company news; update services pages, et cetera. — without the hassle of routing through a third party developer. That’s why we offer the custom content management system (CMS) services. Innolance works with our clients to build the solution that fits their unique needs, and in an instant, enabling them to manage and modify the structural layout of the site, the content, and the appearance of all published pages.

Rich Internet Applications (RIAs)

Rich Internet Applications (RIAs) feature advanced animation and media designed to improve user satisfaction; such applications have enhanced performance and are often excellent choices for mobile platforms. Innolance uses RIA technologies to build applications with compelling user interfaces that draw your customers in, and keep them interacting with your website or application.

Why Choose Innolance?

Because if you can dream it, Innolance can build it for the Web.

We employ an in-house team of professionals who are expertly capable of meeting any, and all of your online needs, from web design and development to content creation, and testing to online marketing.

Our experienced consultants help clients with strategic decisions and advise on best possible solutions for business success; and above all, we hold ourselves and our products to the highest standards for customer satisfaction.

Contact us about your next Web development project.