Yes, New Hampshire is the Tech Startup’s Next Boomtown.

Yes, New Hampshire is the Tech Startup’s Next Boomtown.


Would you believe it if we told you that…?


New Hampshire is emerging as the next tech startup boomtown?


Believe it.


The news came out of Portsmouth, New Hampshire just this past April: A dozen entrepreneurs gathered at Alpha Loft — a coworking, incubation, and acceleration space for area startups — for small group, and one-on-one mentoring sessions with successful business leaders poised to share their knowledge. One thing was clear. New Hampshire’s next crop of tech startup owners is hard at work, determined to turn great ideas into moneymaking ventures.


“It’s great to see the enthusiasm of these emerging innovation-based technology companies,” said CFO Consultant Peter Pike, from the J. Edgar Group, who came to Alpha Loft to present a workshop of finances. “There’s no reason they should go it alone when there are so many people willing to lend a hand. It’s an important program for keeping talent and companies in NH.”


Much like the DC-based accelerators 1776 and WeWork…


Through the implementation and execution of Accelerate NH, Alpha Loft and its CEO Mark Kaplan are working with startup small business owners, and working toward the goal of “utilizing the entrepreneurial ecosystem in New Hampshire.” Kaplan spoke to the benefits of the program, and its mentors: “Peter Pike gave our class an in-depth look at how they should operate the financial side of their business, and how understanding the key performance indicators in their businesses can help drive growth.”


Alpha Loft chose twelve participants for the inaugural Accelerate NH from a group of 29 applicants, and throughout the subsequent three months, selected entrepreneurs were granted unrivaled access to mentoring, advice, workshops, and use of the incubator’s four co-working spaces around the state.


And make use of them they did. Accelerate NH startup small business owners endeavor toward ventures that include software that helps schools and parents manage students release from school; a new software platform for brands to acquire customers; wearable wireless technology; a unique cyber security system; and a ticketing platform application for colleges that’s already proving successful.


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