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Drupal CMS

Drupal CMS is a free software package. It started out as a message board in 1999 as a message board and quickly gained attention. People began to experiment with it. They were leaving comments and ideas for new technologies. These technology ideas were tested and used on the site itself with the intent for other users to join in and use the software themselves on other site.

Drupal CMS is not just software, but is a community and an ongoing project. It is a very flexible product, has great teamwork within the community, and its extensibility and maintainability with the code is outstanding. These are the key principals that Drupal CMS prides itself on:

  • Modular and extensibility
  • Drupal CMS looks to have a sleek core that can extend through custom modules.
  • Quality Coding
  • The best quality and beautiful coding is preferred over roughed-in functionality
  • Standards
  • Drupal CMS supports new and already existing standards.
  • Minor Resource Demands
  • Drupal CMS puts a premium in low profile coding such as shrinking database queries and should have limited, highly available server- side software requirements.
  • Open Source
  • Drupal CMS is an open source, free collaborative software. It also supports other open source software’s and builds on them.
  • Easy-to Use
  • The aim is to have Drupal CMS easily used by developers, administrators and users.
  • Collaborative
  • Open, collaborative information sharing and approaches

Drupal Content Management Systems

Drupal CMS allows you to easily organize, maintain and publish content, accommodating to all your wants and needs. The GNU General Public License(or "GPL"), are the terms in which Drupal CMS is distributed. Anyone is free to download it and share it with others. With it being so open and constantly used, Drupal CMS is always up to date with the latest web technologies. It is being used by local business to global corporations.