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Q: What services do we offer?

A: Innolance is an IT corporation that offers professional services on various Mobile and Web platforms. The following are some of the specialized services that we offer: Mobile App Development, Web App Development, Quality Assurance, Mobile Websites, Magento, and SharePoint.

Q: What is our core competency?

A: Our team at Innolance has a love and passion for technology. We take a personal service approach with our customers, making their needs our main priority. We pride ourselves in being quality-oriented and by making sure every client is satisfied.

Q: What is our development process?

A: We use iterative and agile development methodologies such as SCRUM for application development. By breaking down projects into smaller iterations, we effectively speed up our delivery process, using web-based project management and collaboration tools such as Trac and Redmine. Clients are given access to these tools so that they remain updated on the project status as we design, develop, test and deliver applications. Best practices such as continuous integration, unit testing and frequent releases are followed. We ensure personalized attention to each and every client. By adopting a customized and transparent approach, we have been able to win the confidence and trust of our clients.

Q: What types of projects do we undertake?

A: We undertake projects based on a fixed price as well as on a time and material basis, dependent on our customer’s needs. Regardless of the size and scope of your project, our skilled professionals provide you with their knowledge and expertise in order to plan and execute projects on time and within a budget.

Q: What are our payment terms?

A: We offer different payments terms dependent on the client. We do offer net 30 day term to qualified clients. In some cases, we might require an advance payment to start the project.

Q: What are the payment modes we accept?

A: We accept payment by check, wire transfer, or ACH. We do accept PayPal or credit cards with the processing fee billable to the client.

Q: What verticals do we typically work with?

A: We work with a number of various verticals such as education, healthcare, retail, manufacturing, and entertainment.

Q: Are you just a local company or can it be anywhere in the U.S?

A: We are a local company, but we are not confined to a local area. We can serve customers throughout the US as well as Canada.

Q: Are we a privately owned company?

A: Yes, we are a privately owned company.