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Feb 25

Innolance Uses Ruby on Rails for Web Development

Innolance Uses Ruby on Rails for Web Development (& You Should Too)   For years, Innolance clients have asked: What led to your decision to use Ruby on Rails for Web development? Why not use…

Feb 25

How Important Is Quality Assurance To The Software Development Life Cycle?

How important is quality assurance to the software development life cycle?   In a word: Very.   Some of you may not even be sure what that means, quality assurance (QA), so I’ll tell you.…

Jan 20

Scrum Is A Better Way Of Working

The agile methodology is not a new concept, but one that was implemented in 2001 in response to the overriding project management standard: Waterfall. The agile methodology emphasizes communication and collaboration, fully functioning software, and…

Aug 06

Polygamous Siri and overly-honest Google Now: Why voice assistants aren’t so human and what that means for consumer AI

The idea that machines can be designed with intelligence and reason is nothing new. Since the 1950s, scientists have been developing the field of artificial intelligence, each with different goals in mind. In 1950, British…

May 23

Facebook Switches Default Privacy Setting to “Friends”

  Last Thursday, Facebook made a historic decision to change the default sharing setting for new members, overturning a former 5-year decision.   Now, Facebook users will find their posts automatically changed from “public” to…