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Apr 22

Conquering Challenges in Washington DC, One Android App At a Time

+-*First, there was Apple, and the iPhone.   Today, there’s Apple and the iPhone.   And Google, and the Android operating system.   You’ve seen the television commercials, haven’t you — the one with the…

Apr 12

It’s All About Agile Development In Washington, DC

+-*Agile development.   What is it, and why has the Washington, DC area-based Innolance chosen the Agile development process methodology for rapid delivery of high quality software?   Innolance is all about Agile development.  …

Mar 19

The Success of Apple’s iWatch Will Depend on Apps, Apps, Apps

+-*Since sometime around the 14th or 15th century, watches have told time. By the 17th century, they had made their way into men’s pockets, and onto the wrists of women everywhere. Springs, and hands, and…

Mar 11

Innolance Announces Continuous Integration Services and Delivery for Web and Mobile Applications

+-*Web and mobile application development company, Innolance, offers continuous integration and delivery.   Sterling, VA (PRWEB) March 11, 2015 Innolance is in the business of Web and mobile applications, and in anyone in the business…

Feb 25

Innolance Uses Ruby on Rails for Web Development

+-*Innolance Uses Ruby on Rails for Web Development (& You Should Too)   For years, Innolance clients have asked: What led to your decision to use Ruby on Rails for Web development? Why not use…