Social Media Analytics

Why social media? Now that the role of social media has been building and becoming more popular for businesses to have, the need for social media analytics & measurement has become apparent. Social media allows businesses to create a more interactive experience with their customers that was not possible through traditional internet marketing. By focusing on social media and social media measurement, businesses are able to gauge and increase the value of their online presence. Social media analytics offers a completely new method for measuring online marketing by analyzing user sentiments, enabling organizations to act on information gained by the analysis, and maintaining user interests that will ultimately lead to an improved brand image.

Social Media Analytics Offers:

Innolance offers detailed social media analytics and reports collected from your social media accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, Blogs, and many more. We use these social media networks to gather and analyze data on user sentiments, product demand, as well as competitor analysis that will help give your business a competitive edge by providing you with a more in-depth understanding of your customer service feedback. These detailed social media analytics allow you to measure and improve your online marketing methods, ultimately leading to a better brand image.At Innolance, we make sure that our analytic specialists stay up to date with the latest internet and social media marketing trends so that we can better analyze your user interactions and improve your customer experience. Our social media services stand out for the following reasons:

  • In-depth research to understand target audience
  • Exhaustive online exploration for customer feedback and reviews
  • 100% manual sentiment analysis to find out the true emotion behind conversations
  • Customized in-house tools to help with manual analysis
  • Unique blend of competitive intelligence and social media analysis
  • Daily consolidated reports for you to easily identify your business needs
  • Integration with your existing dashboards
  • Breakdown of Facebook posts, Tweets, and Webinar transcripts into customized categories
  • Time analysis of customer and business agent interactions
  • Weekly highlights and key influencers