Test Designing / Test Case Management

Test Designing is carried out as follows

  • Preparing Test scenario diagrams – we use the tools like Freemind, Ms Visio, Gliffy.com
  • Adding test cases to the Test Management tool. – The team is experienced in using HP ALM
    (formerly known as QualityCenter), Jira, TestLink, EnterpriseTester.

The scenario diagrams are the ones which are pictorial representations of the test ideas with the breakdown
of testing tasks.

The test cases are added to the test management tool (Test link is widely used in most of our projects unless
specified by the client). Test cases will be mapped to the requirements. The test cases will be grouped under
test suites. Hence a project will have multiple test suites, many child test suites and under each test suite
there will be test cases.

Structure will look like Project > Test Suite > Child Test suite > test cases

The test cases are attached to a build and can be assigned to different testers (testers will have to have an
account in the test management tool). The assigned tester will be responsible to execute those test cases.

The test cases are executed and marked as passed, failed or blocked. The following reports can be generated:

  • General Test Metrics – that talk about over all test status based on pass percentage. This can be derived
    based on the results by Test suites, testers and Builds.
  • Test report – this can give details about the results at the test case level.
  • Requirements based report – can help us in knowing the requirements traceability.
  • Charts – can give us pictorial representation of the test results.