Innolance Has the Custom Software Development Solution for your Startup


You’re working as hard as you might to get your startup off the ground, but you’re feeling overwhelmed and overworked. You’re spending all of your time trying to figure out the intricacies of Web and software development, and no matter what you do, it feels like you’ll never have enough assistance.


Day after day, you’re asking yourself:


Should I hire a developer, or should I outsource the Web and software development for my startup small business?


You could hire a single developer to work in-house.


Or you could outsource your custom software development to Innolance:


In the business of Web and mobile innovation, our mission is to provide reliable, high quality technology services, while making the development process an enjoyable experience for both our startup small business customers, and our own employees.


What does that mean?


That means we’ll get down to the business of creating a custom solution for your unique software or Web development need, and you’ll get down to the business of your business.


Whatever custom software development your startup demands:


Innolance has just the capabilities to get the job done for you. Our team of highly trained designers and developers has the experience and know-how to build a wide variety of web applications that range from web development & static web pages to complex content management systems and web applications. Innolance employs only the strictest of standards, to build software powerful enough to enhance, and grow your business; and simply elegant enough to stand out above the rest.


Custom Web and software development services for startups include:


Web-based applications: Growing ever more popular in recent years, Web-based software applications feature attractive applications — for custom software developers and end-users alike — for their cross-platform compatibility, easier deployment, and lower maintenance. Innolance prides itself on developing scalable, high-performing solutions that are customized to your requirements, and tailored to suit your startup.


e-Commerce Sites: A e-commerce powered Web store allows customers to browse a startup’s offerings, and purchase items without having to make a trip to the store — if you even have a store! With a fully functional e-Commerce website designed and developed for your startup by Innolance, eTailers can do business without ever leaving their home.


Content Management Systems (CMS): There are Web applications, and websites, and then there is the software that allows the startup small business owner to manage the content once development is all said and done. Innolance can build the right customer content management solution for your startup, with which you’ll be able to manage and modify the structural layout of the site, the content, and the appearance of your published pages.


If you’re a startup small business owner in need of custom software development:


Innolance has the solution.