The best piece of business advice I’ve gotten over the last several years is this: When in the business of a small business startup, surround yourself with the people who have the expertise where you’re lacking.


Follow this advice, and you’ll go far.


You’ve put so much of yourself, and so much time into chasing your dream of owning a startup small business, and it’s really taking off. You have a top-notch e-Commerce website and a content management system that makes blogging and adding new products a breeze, but there’s still something else you need…


A mobile application! You need a mobile application for your startup.


And you’re wondering:


Should I hire a developer, or should I outsource the mobile application development for my startup small business?

You could hire an in-house developer for build your mobile application.

Or you could outsource your mobile application development to Innolance:


Mobile application development is a highly involved process that combines design, usability, and technical implementation for handheld mobile devices. Innolance is proud to have developed more than 100 success mobile applications for platforms including the iPhone, Android phones and tablets, Blackberry, and Windows mobile.


Our knowledge and expertise in the functional and technical aspects of superior mobile application development is backed up by our ability to adopt new generation technology with iterative development methodology. And what does that mean for you, the startup small business owner?


That means Innolance will get down to the business of creating a custom mobile application to suit your needs, and you’ll get down to the business of your startup small business.


There’s mobile application development for startus, and then there’s more.


Not only can Innolance design and develop the most perfect mobile application for your startup, but our team of highly trained application development professionals has the know-how and expertise to develop applications that work cross-platform on any mobile device with Java programming capabilities (e.g., some models from Nokia, Motorola, and Sony Ericsson.)


So if you’re a startup small business owner in need of a new and innovative mobile application: Innolance is the company for you.