Start Up Product Development

Building a new product- whether it’s a tech startup, a small business, or an initiative within a large enterprise- has always been a risky proposition. It’s even more challenging for a tech startup because the founders are faced with the challenge of converting their great idea into something they can present in front of users and potential investors. One common challenge in all three scenarios above is that you need to find not only smart people and talented engineers to build them; but the right team passionate enough to convert your idea into the great product you envision.

That’s what we do at Innolance!

We listen to you idea; we understand it; we live it, breathe it and we stand by you until your product is built, deployed and scaled.

We help you build wireframes for your product; capture all requirements and document them; create user stories; work with graphic designers to convert the wireframe into beautiful web and mobile designs and finally build functional applications from ground up.

It’s very important to identify the right technology and tools for building, testing, deploying and maintaining the applications on various platforms. Our product team has over 20 years of experience in designing and developing applications.

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