Testing for Analytics

Now a days, analytics are critical for mobile applications and websites. Analytics help business owners
determine the pulse and trends of end-user experiences and carefully strategize the market positioning of a
finished product.

When testing the functionality of analytics in a mobile application or website, Innolance uses third-party log
collecting applications. Some of these log collecting applications include: “SYSTEM CONSOLE” for iOS devices,
“Log Collector” for Android devices and many more. The screens and the events in a mobile application or
website, which are to be tracked, will be predefined. After accessing the required screen or performing the
required action, our team analyses the device logs. From that, we are able to see the calls being made by the
Analytics tool during the operations which we are required to track. This way, we can instantly verify the
functioning of the Analytics tool.

Another way to test the functionality of analytics is to access the web-console provided by the analytics tool
vendor. There we are able to analyse the statistics and pictorial representations to verify if the analytics
data sent from the mobile devices are being reflected correctly.

At Innolance, we work with three main analytics providers: Google Analytics, Flurry and Localytics.

When testing, our experts use an Excel spread sheet with columns containing the details of page views or
events against which we will be recording Yes/No for the corresponding analytics call.

Innolance’s team of professionals can help you perform testing for analytics that will meet your needs.